Welcome to my blog. I'll be sharing thoughts and experiences here regarding software engineering, solution architecture, web technologies, and technology teams. I've been a technology professional for 20 years, working in various industries and team structures, in software engineering, team lead, and other de facto roles.

Over the years I've accumulated insights into several technologies and ways of working, and this has been just as satisfying as building products and platforms that deliver real business value. After all this time I still love software engineering, particularly the challenge of distributed high volume systems. Building distributed applications, I've grown to appreciate the fabric of underlying technologies and products that support interconnectivity.

I enjoy writing almost as much as engineering applications, and that bodes well for this blog and the various wikis that I contribute to. I find it rewarding to produce clear, concise, and actionable documentation, the kind that I wish had been available to me in years gone by.

Much of my current writing responsibilities revolve around mitigating software and network risks, while assessing legacy multi tier systems, and mapping long forgotten implementations. I've managed to find a cadence documenting a globally distributed IAM platform, while simultaneously leading the upgrade and re-engineering of components across the full technology stack.

Technology and software can be perplexing. It can feel at times vast and limitless, and at other times constraining. These feelings often mirror those felt about the structure of technology departments, their project management style, or support models. I've been fortunate to work in a variety of organisations, with some very talented people. I've witnessed both what works, and what does not.

I hope to share further thoughts and experiences here, covering a range of topics.

All feedback and questions are welcome. Please feel free to connect via LinkedIn, or to contact me via Twitter, or email at nathanhandyblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting my blog.